Professional Services Suite

ADVISORS Professional Services are composed of six categories that formulate a generic high-level roadmap for improvement. In general there are differences between greenfield (there is no need to remodel or demolish an existing structure) and brownfield initiatives (often an upgrade or expansion for an existing utility). The six categories are:

  1. Assessment and Gap Analysis: Very essential for brownfield initiatives so that any new components can capitalize on existing success. Business analysis and organizational maturity are heavily utilized here.

  2. Organizational Governance and Management Framework: Interface and integrate the new structures with the existing values, policy, culture and governance of the performing organization, and define delegation, authorization and decision making.

  3. Process Development, Improvement, and Reengineering: Simplify existing processes develop new ones, complexity and offering a methodology towards success in every initiative

  4. PMIS and Process Automation: Enhance engagement and collaboration through utilization of tools and information systems. ADVISORS does not prescribe a specific software for all cases and shall participate is setting a selection criteria for the best fit application based on the need.

  5. Capacity Building Framework Development: Focusing on sustainability and empowerment to meet localization objectives. Standard and customized training initiatives are planned and delivered to ensure realization of benefits and return on investment.

  6. Operations: Walt-the-talk whether by mentoringlocalized project teams or through outsourcing operations activities